Men's Life

Men's skin is often more sensitive than women's and has specific requirements. In addition, most men want clear and simple skin care advice.
Here are our top 6 favorites for men selected by our satisfied male customers. 
1. Cleansing Gel: Cleanses and soothes the skin simultaneously and is ideal for use in the  shower.
2. Toner Pads: The solution to quickly cleanse and care for your skin at night before going to sleep.
3. Hydrating Priming Toner: prepares the skin for moisturizers and serums by pre-hydrating it. May be used as aftershave care for men. 
4. Cell Life Serum: The perfect daytime care, just a few drops are enough. You can supplement this with the toner if you regularly suffer from irritation after shaving.
5. Cell Life Activation Night Serum: A highly effective care for the night. It is well-loved by men and women alike. 
6. The Eye Gel: Helps to soften dark circles under your eyes and brightens pigmentation spots.
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Celldentical Cleansing Gel
Regular price €38,50
Celldentical Blemish Control Pads
Regular price €39,50
Celldentical Hydrating Toner
Regular price €38,50
SBT Cosmetics Cell Calming Soothing Eye Gel
Cell Calming Soothing Eye Gel
Regular price €55,00
Mini Celldentical Cleansing Gel
Regular price €7,00

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