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Facial Cleansing Brush

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✓ Intensive, deep cleansing
✓ Stimulates blood circulation 
✓ Removes impurities, dead skin cells and excess sebum
✓ Improves the absorption of the care products

Skin Conditions: Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination, Impure, Sensitive, Red

This facial cleansing brush cleanses the skin from deep within the pores. The brush easily and effectively removes excess sebum and dirt that has accumulated in the pores. Dead skin cells are optimally removed and impurities are visibly reduced.

The facial brush cleanses, refreshes and ensures that the skin is optimally prepared for the subsequent steps of the skin care routine. The skin absorbs the skin care products better after use and blood circulation is stimulated.

The result? Smooth, radiant skin with a fresh glow.


Use the facial cleansing brush in combination with your favorite cleansing product. Apply the cleansing product to the skin. Foam up the cleansing gel, milk or foam with the facial cleansing brush and gently massage it in with circular motions. Rinse your cleansing product well with warm water. Your skin is now optimally prepared for the next steps of your skin care routine.